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9:00am - 5:30pm 510 mins
EBD Academy
Product valuation and deal structuring: Business development masterclass
  • Trainer Joe Dillon - CEO, BioPact

Beacon E

This intensive and in-depth course in deal structuring will provide you with definitive advantages during future negotiations. During the course you will examine best practices for assessing and valuing assets with interactive case studies and group discussion. You will gain an insight into both the buy and sell perspective and how each arrives at their negotiating positions.   Armed with the skills acquired in this course, you will have the confidence to calculate and negotiate the financial aspects of transactions involving the divestiture, transfer and acquisition of biopharm technology rights.

Key highlights and benefits

  • Examine valuation concepts and understand why valuations differ between similar technologies
  • Review valuation methods, techniques and factors to ensure you are estimating both risk and return adequately
  • Examine why valuations of the same asset may differ impacting on negotiations
  • Participate in group case studies from the point of view of the “buy-side” and the “sell-side” to gain an appreciation of challenges both parties encounter
  • Learn to forecast revenue using both patient and market data to accurately value an asset in preparation for negotiations

Access free webinar: Using comparables in technology valuations | More informationAgenda

9:30am - 5:30pm 480 mins
EBD Academy
Optimizing out-licensing activities: Business development masterclass
  • Trainer Carlos N. Velez - Founder and Managing Partner, Lacerta Bio

Beacon D

This informative one-day course has been carefully developed to improve your out-licensing activities and increase your chances of closing deals for your asset(s). You will gain the practical skills to identify, improve and fix your existing business development processes, increasing your chances of forming a successful partnership.During the course you will examine the major aspects of out-licensing such as marketing materials and presentations, outreach planning and execution, critical follow-up activities, and methods for addressing objections, all aimed towards optimizing your efforts in securing a partnership.

Key highlights and benefits

This Masterclass will present a four-part framework to help you design or improve your own out-licensing process. 

  • Asset marketing – Examine best practices to make certain your marketing materials for the asset are targeted.
  • Outreach plan – Put yourself in an advantageous position by developing a strategic outreach plan.
  • Execute – Gain practical advice on how to execute the outreach plan with methods, ideas and tracking hints.
  • Follow up – Learn to transform initial meetings into long term lucrative relationships.

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5:30pm - 8:00pm 150 mins
Welcome reception

Apropos Restaurant

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Showing of Streams